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An open ongoing project since 2010. As such, it is constantly evolving and changing, as is its author. 'Faces' emerged from a strong need to capture metaphysical experiences that jazz musicians create at their performances. It is not about the music, rather, it is about the musicians who lead us into another reality. About shamanism. It's a live experiment during the performance. This series are connected by the concept of bringing the spirit (the emotions) of the artist to the view at the moment of their "nakedness" (the climax of their performance) from an intimately close distance. It is like having a contact with wild nature in its pure form. The photos are mostly taken during international jazz festivals.

Faces #1 Kiyoshi Kitagawa
Faces #2 Christian Scott
Faces #3 Concha Buika
Faces #4 Gregory Privat
Faces #5 Wallace Roney
Faces #6 Wallace Roney
Faces #7 Hiromi Uehara
Faces #8 Al Di Meola
Faces #9 faces Mike Stern
Faces #10 John Mclaughlin
Faces #11 Ahmad J-amal
Faces #12 Charles Lloyd
Faces #13 Christian Scott
Faces #14 Lars Danielsson
Faces #15 Leszek Możdżer
Faces #16 Dee Dee Bridgewater
Faces #17 Arkady Shilkloper